Cosmographical Tables

The purpose of Cosmographical Tables is so that one can, in a way, figure out where one can begin. In a sense, the table is the platform upon which all is measured, ethically and morally, and thereby the place to which you bring your noumenal meal, with its worries, concerns, and dispositions that fill the mental stomach we call the mind, whose a priori appetites are beyond mere phenomenal satisfactions.

To begin with the tables are divided into four sections: Outer Planes, Inner Planes, Demiplanes, and Transitive Planes.

The first section, on Outer Planes, is divided into four sections as well: Lower Planes, Upper Planes, Planes of Chaos, and Planes of Law. The second section, on Inner Planes, is divided into two sections: Elemental Planes and Energy Planes. The third section, on Demiplanes, is a section that will be developed and divided probably more times than I can reveal here at the moment. And the fourth, and last, section, on Transitive Planes, is divided into two sections: Major Planes and Lesser Planes.

For those who do not realize this, I am drawing heavily from the TSR D&D, AD&D, 2nd AD&D and WotC 3rd Ed D&D cosmologies, while also other third-party cosmologies. As such, they deserve all the credit for the creators, founders, and establisers of the places and ideas being used and I am merely providing and advancing them with my own twists and turns.

Cosmographical Tables

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